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Philadelphia's Women's Squash Night
To Be Held at Berwyn (Free)
September 29, 2017 5:30 - 7:30

2016 Exhibition match featuring
Gina Stoker and Kelsey Engman

2017 Copa Wadsworth

Held April 28-29
At Germantown Cricket Club and the Cynwyd Club

Team USA Brings Home the Cup !

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This annual competition between the United States and Mexico is an exciting international squash event. Created in 1990 this event has been held all over North America, and this year it was held in Philadelphia for the first time ever. Captains Nick LePore and Doug Whittaker headed a U.S. team that included players from across the country.

US National Mixed Doubles Champions

Open : Narelle Krizek / Ed Garno
40+ : Amy Milanek / Dave Rosen
50+ : Dawn Gray / Tom Harrity
55+ : Molly Pierce / Jamie Heldring
B : Julie Kessler / Bob Kacergis

Winter 2017 League Champions

A Singles
Germantown Cricket Club

B Singles
Berwyn Squash and Fitness

C Singles
Racquet Club

A Doubles
Philadelphia Cricket Club

Super-B Doubles
Merion Cricket Club 3

B Doubles
Greate Bay

C Doubles
Racquet Club

2017 Graham Company Cup
Mudge and Mathur Victorious !

Tournament Director - Matt Domenick
Finalist - Yvain Badan
Winner - Damien Mudge
Winner - Manek Mathur
Finalist - John Russell
GCC Squash Chair - Ken Jaffe


Skill Level Tournament Results

March 15, 2017

At The Cynwyd Club

5.0 Singles Winner & Finalist: Peter Lubowitz & Jeremy Butt

4.5 Women's Finalist & Winner: Margaret Rux & Julie Kessler

4.5 Finalist & Winner: Phil Reason & Tim Dearnley

4.0 Finalist & Winner: Nick Frontino & Rob Ford

W3.5 Finalist & Winner: Barbara Overholser & Patti Spackman

3.5 Finalist & Winner: Peter Landreth & Brendan Weiss

A Doubles Winners & Finalists:
Ed Garno / Alex Stait & Shane Coleman / John White

Super-B Doubles Winners & Finalists:
Jamie Heldring / Peter Stokes & Kenny Soffer / Andy Kronfeld

B Doubles Finalists & Winners:
Bill Coombs / Ravindar Gujral & Mithun Das / Eli Segal

Women's B Doubles Finalists & Winners:
Patti Spackman / Beth Specker & Becky Savage / Delma Broussard

C Doubles Winners & Finalists:
Ashley Orleans / Don Hamrahi & Nadeem Bezar / Brian Keech

Not Pictured - A Women's Doubles Finalists & Winners:
Nabilla Ariffin / Alicia Rodriguez & Dawn Gray / Gina Stoker

Michael S. Wallace Foundation
Squash ALS Tournament
January 27-29, 2017
at The Cynwyd Club

Pictured with Michael "Boomer" Wallace
Across/Down/Across :
B Winners Howard Edson & Kenny Pollack
B Finalists Ken Jaffe & Tim Dearnley
C Finalists Nadeem Bezar & Brian Keech
C Winners Richard O'Malley & Jack Lavender
B Consi Finalists Bill Coombs & Nathaniel Williamson
B Consi Winners Gerard Maddrey & Dan Carson
C Consi Winners Rebecca Savage & Harrison Jacobs
C Consi Finalists Delma Broussard & Ray Johnston

Fall 2016 League Champions

A Singles
Philadelphia Cricket Club

B Singles
Berwyn Squash and Fitness 1

C Singles
Germantown Cricket Club 1

40+ Doubles
Div 1 - Merion Cricket Club 1
Div 2 - Merion Cricket Club 3

50+ Doubles
Div 1 - Germantown Cricket Club 1
Div 2 - Berwyn Squash and Fitness 2

60+ Doubles
Merion Cricket Club 1

Mixed A/B Doubles

Mixed B/C Doubles
Gwynedd Racquet Club

Bill Lane Honored with 2016 PSRA Service Award

Award Recipient Bill Lane with PSRA President Nick LePore

Delaware Investments
2016 U.S. Open Squash Championships
Drexel University
October 6-15, 2016

Winter 2016 PSRA League Champions

A Doubles League Champions and Finalists

Todd Anderson, Duncan Pearson, Jack Wyant, Ed Chilton, Tim Porter, Steve Gregg, Gilly Lane, Parth Sharma

Pierce, Waite and Wrightson Inducted into Hall of Fame

Gary Waite, Michael Pierce, Alan Fox (representing Tom Wrightson)

PSRA Service Award 2015 - Frank Reidy

PSRA past president Ken Jaffe, Nick LePore, Frank Reidy, and Delaware Investments U.S. Open tournament CEO, Dent Wilkens

Czar League Finale!

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PSRA Champions

2016 Age Group Singles & Doubles
Tournament Champions

November 4-6, 2016
The Cynwyd Club

U40 Singles
Warren Scott

40+ Singles
Pierre Bastien

50+ Singles
Chase Lenfest

60+ Singles
Bruce Kelly

Women's Singles
Julie Kessler

U40 Doubles
Bob Kacergis / Joe Kacergis

40+ Doubles
Shane Coleman / Lach McIntosh

50+ Doubles
Joe Fabiani / Tom Harrity

60+ Doubles
Andy Nehrbas / Nick LePore

Women's 50+ Doubles
Kathy Hughes / Karen Belber

2016 Skill Level Singles & Doubles
Tournament Champions

March 11 - 16, 2016
The Cynwyd Club

5.5 Singles
Chris Bown

Men's 4.5 Singles
John Gassenheimer

Women's 4.5
Julie Kessler

Men's 4.0 Singles
Dan Carson

Men's 3.5 Singles
Sal Sarwar

Women's 3.5
Patti Spackman

Men's A Doubles
Shane Coleman / John White

Women's A Doubles
Kat Grant / Kelsey Engman

Super-B Doubles
Andy Nehrbas / Jamie Heldring

Men's B Doubles
Mithun Das / Bill Rux

Women's B Doubles
Whitney Roller / Keira Murasko-Blank

C Doubles
Bill Boyd / Kevin Baum

2015 Age Group Doubles
Tournament Champions

December 11-13, 2015
Germantown Cricket Club

Draws also at US Squash

40+ Doubles
Joe Fabiani / Jamie Heldring

50+ Doubles
Joe Fabiani / Jamie Heldring

60+ Doubles
Bill Strong / Gary Yeager

Under 40 Doubles
Scott Redpath / Josh Simon

40+ Doubles Div 2
Ty Meredith / Jack Lavender

2015 Skill Level Singles and Doubles
Tournament Champions

March 13-18, 2015
Cynwyd Club

A Singles
Peter Lubowitz

B Singles
Guillermo Bonilla

C Singles
Mark Yanagisawa

A Doubles
Alex Stait / Ed Garno

Super-B Doubles
Ken Pollack / Howard Edson

B Doubles
Tim Cox / Mike Kacergis

C Doubles
Doug Shonrock / Robert Wimmer

Women's A Doubles
Gina Stoker / Joyce Davenport

Women's B Doubles
Pam Rende / K.C. Giese

2014 Age Group Doubles
Tournament Champions

December 12-14, 2014
Cynwyd Club

40+ Doubles
Lach McIntosh / Peter Lutes

50+ Doubles
Jamie Heldring / Joe Fabiani (Div 1)
Jack Foley / Tim Lisle (Div 2)

60+ Doubles
Bob Warner / Gary Yeager

U40 Doubles
Kelsey Engman / Radhika Cobb

2014 Skill Level Singles and Doubles
Tournament Champions

Cynwyd Club
March 14 - 19, 2014

A Singles
Jim Brodo

B Singles
Jamie Heldring

C Singles
Yves Quintin

A Doubles
Shane Coleman / Adam Hamill

Super B Doubles
Peter Stokes / Ed Spofford

B Doubles
Nathaniel Williamson / Rob Adams

C Doubles
Mithun Das / Sakora Miller

Women’s A Doubles
Kat Grant / Alex Clark

Women's B Doubles
Kathy Hughes / Sarah Odell

2013 Age Group Doubles Tournament Champions

Rob Whitehouse / Ed Garno

Tom Harrity / Todd Anderson

Joyce Davenport / Andy Baskin

Under 40
Gerard Maddrey / Aman Sehgal

2013 Skill Level
Singles and Doubles Tournament Champions

Philadelphia Country Club
March 15 - 20, 2013

4.0+ Singles
Michael Kacergis

3.5-4.0 Singles
Jamie Heldring

3.5 Singles
Joshua Simon

Women's B Singles
Colesto Williams

A Doubles
Alan Grant / Shane Coleman

Super-B Doubles
Ken Jaffe / Geoff Stewart

B Doubles
Michael Kacergis / Robert Kacergis

Women's A Doubles
Amy Gross / Kelsey Engman

Women's B Doubles
Whitney Roller / Kellen Vengels

2012 Age Group Doubles Tournament Champions

Shane Coleman/Alan Grant

Joe Fabiani/Tom Harrity

Scott Ryan/Walter Smedley